In His Image

Yesterday had the joy of teaching at our Ladies’ Retreat for our church. The theme was Created In His Image–Embracing our Identity, Living our Calling. As I prepared for the day, I found a depth of meaning in the phrase “In His image” that I had never seen before. What a compelling and almost frightening truth, that within us, is the very stamp of God’s image. It is ethereal, beyond our ability to really comprehend. And yet, it is also tangible. When we see a child whose characteristics and mannerisms mirror his father, we get a glimpse of  “image bearing”.   As I pondered the tremendous grace and creativity of God, this poem of worship and awe took shape.

In His Image

In his image, oh the thought,
that within me, by him is wrought,
A design so unique, a reflection divine,
Of His own heart, stamped upon mine.
What does it mean? And how can it be?
That One so supreme is reflected in me?

Empty and broken, shattered by sin,
My soul feels the weight of the fracture within.
The rutted places fill with despair,
Self-inflicted wounds are the hardest to bear.
Curved inward now my own heart deceives,
I make my own way, while His Father heart grieves.

Darkened by sin, held fast by the fall,
Haunted by death callous to His call.
Till the very image, of the invisible God,
Comes clear on the scene with not one single flaw.
Breaking the curse, that has held us fast.
He makes a new way, and banishes the past.

He bears the cost; He restores the shine,
And in him at last my heart can find,
A place no longer, shadowed and torn,
My very self by his image adorned.
Out from the shadows, into his light,
Reflecting His love, pure in His sight.

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