In His Image (Part 2)

The scene in the garden that closed my last post about being created in God’s image was idyllic. However, that’s not where the story ends. Sadly it was short-lived.  Satan entered. Deception and deliberate sin followed. Those created to reflect God’s image in harmonious relationship with one another and with God were tragically separated from their creator.

Eve was told two significant consequences she (and all women will face): 1. Pain in giving birth. 2. A desire to control her husband. One is physical, the other is mental/emotional. (Adam, also was given clear consequences; his life would never be the same, and all men would suffer from that time forward as well, but those will not be specifically addressed here since we are talking about women.) The physical consequence of pain in child birth is still in full force, in spite of incredible advances in medicine, and changes over the centuries. The mental/emotional consequence, also continues to hold sway. God told Eve, “You’ll desire/cling to/demand to control your husband.” The picture is of Eve desperately grasping for, not only her husband’s affection, but also his devotion to her, and even his subjection to her desires. It’s a really sad picture. Once, Eve had exactly what she longed for without grasping foolishly for more. Once, she had a confidence of Adam’s love; she lived without shame before him in harmony, she did not question his devotion, and she had no impulse to control him. The consequence of sin, changed all that.

We see this sin-driven tendency for control in Biblical women such as Sarai when she offered Hagar to Abram in hopes of “helping God” fulfill his promise to Abram, and then later demanding that Hagar and the baby be sent away. We also see it in the struggle of Rachel and Leah to dominate their husband Jacob’s affections.

But that is not where the story ends either. No instead, God offers a new beginning. God provides a way to reverse the curse. Through His own dear Son’s sacrificial death, men and women alike are offered redemption. Yes–that word means a buy-back.

Paul tells the Corinthian believers that anyone who is in Christ, is a new creation!  The Bible also says that we are being transformed into the image of his glory. While the image of God is present even in the midst of the curse, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, provides a way for each of us individually to experience a “rebirth” of that image in us.

As a child of God, I am no longer fettered by the inward curve of my relational desires and needs. I no longer grasp and demand what is necessary to make me feel safe and secure. One of the incredible intents of his design is freedom to relate to Him and to one another from a place of peace and security.

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