Going Before

As I ponder 2012, I see that one of the themes God has continually worked into my life over the past year has been one of trusting Him to go before me.  As a little girl, one of the first verses I ever memorized was Isa. 45:2a: “I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight.” And I have seen that “going before” in so many ways this year.

When God led the Israelite people out of Egypt and through the wilderness, He gave them a tangible evidence of His presence. The pillar of fire guided them by night and the cloud by day. The last verse of Exodus 13 proclaims that He did not withdraw from them the guidance of that pillar either by day or by night. Where God directs, He leads. And this account provides visual evidence.

God goes before us making the way straight. And He also illumines the way with the fire of His presence. My way is only illuminated as I keep my eyes on Him and surrender to His Spirit within me. Rather than an open revelation of every step of the way, God goes before revealing by His presence one step at a time.

It is hard not knowing where that path leads. I am a planner. And I like to have a clear picture of what is ahead. Instead God gives me the confidence that He sees that clear picture.

But it has been particularly overwhelming to look back over this year and see the ways in which He has gone before our family! One example is the boys’ schooling. I did not enroll them in the schools they are now attending until the week before school started because we were in the middle of moving and I didn’t know enough about the neighborhood we were moving to to make a schooling decision. Even when I enrolled them, I didn’t really know the kind of information I would naturally like to know about a school before my children begin attending. However, their enrollment was in obedience to clear direction and doors opened by God.  The connections we have made through the schools, the opportunities the boys have had, the education level are all amazing provisions of God. We look back and see how he answered prayers we didn’t know how to pray!  This is just one of so many examples where His hand has been clearly evident in straightening the path we trod.

How awesome is our God! How indescribable is His intimate, abundant care in our lives!

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  • Tabitha, thank you for sharing what God has done in your life and your families, with all that you have gone through. I am always blessed by what you share. What you shared today was just what I needed for today, and that is how God uses us when we are committed to him. We are going through a crisis right now with Grandma Findley and we needed that reminder that God is with us and is leading us through this.I know the Lord has already used you in so many lives and will continue to use you as you have taken the difficult things you have been through and allowed Him to lead you all the way.
    Love and Prayers, Aunt Barbara

    1 Barbara Findley said this (January 15, 2013 at 2:01 pm) Reply

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