From Saturday Reflections to Sunday Revelations

Every time God intervenes with miraculous provision of any sort, it is about more than the physical or material gift; it is an invitation to enter into deeper intimacy with him. This is paraphrased from a message I was listening to as I cleaned house on Saturday. It really stuck with me, and challenged my thinking on the occurrence of miracles in our modern day. But I was thinking about the person who receives the miracle. I was thinking If God does something miraculous for me, I need to see beyond the physical gift, to the invitation for spiritual intimacy. That was my Saturday reflection.

On Sunday we were blessed to have a missionary friend, Dennis Massaro as a guest speaker at our church. Dennis is a passionate preacher who shares with strong conviction the truths God is building into his life. He also loves people deeply and his heart for community is evident. The message on Sunday was filled with powerful stories of God’s work among the people whom he loves in Turkey.

Roman (now 8) was playing quietly with a couple toys as Dennis spoke. Suddenly he stopped playing and leaned into me a look of confused wonder on his face, “How is that even possible? God doesn’t do that today does he?” Roman whispered.

Dennis had just shared a story about a woman, dying of cancer, who, while she sat in her own little apartment crying because of the intense pain, looked up to see a man sitting next to her. “Why are you crying?” The man had asked her. The dying woman replied, “I’m in so much pain from this cancer that is killing me. I’m crying because I know I’m dying and it hurts so bad!” Then the man said to her, “I am Jesus, your healer and your Savior.”

What Roman couldn’t imagine, was that Jesus would manifest himself in physical form today! He said to me, “She saw Jesus like as a person?”

“Yes, Roman,” I whispered back.”God is powerful and he is present, and when he chooses to, he can manifest himself in person even today. Jesus wanted to show that woman that he loves her; he wanted to heal her of her cancer, and save her soul.”

We didn’t talk any more as the service continued, but later in the day Roman said to me, “This is a really good day for me.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because for the first time today, I know I’m saved!” He answered. (Roman has professed for several years to know Jesus as his Savior, and often he asks stirring and deep questions. I can tell as he grows older he is mulling over what it means to be saved.)

Gently I asked him some questions to clarify what he was trying to express. Slowly he told me how he often wondered if God was real, or just was made up. And then he would get scared that he wasn’t saved, because he had such doubts. But the story from Dennis’s message about Jesus purposefully making himself visible to a broken dying woman had opened Roman’s eyes to the reality of Jesus. He was blown away that God would do that. And it filled his heart with confidence that Jesus is real, and really saves.

This truly is a gift that grows as it is shared! The miracle that Jesus offered that woman halfway around the world, has become an invitation to Roman (and me) into deeper intimacy with Jesus. It’s not just the person who receives the miracle, although that woman also is now walking in intimacy with Jesus. It expands; it grows; it provides the framework for others to know Jesus better. This is my Sunday revelation.

Every miracle in the physical realm is an opportunity to witness His power in the spiritual realm, not just for the recipient of the miracle but for others who will hear and see, and taste the truth of God through that miracle.

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