Bleeding Jesus

Recently I was at the mall–remember I live in Milwaukee–and saw a Packer shirt with the logo, “I bleed green…” Obviously this is for serious fans only! The message is clear: My whole life is defined by my love for the Packers.

When our body is damaged and cut, we bleed. And that blood is the evidence that we are alive. Furthermore, it provides evidence of who we are biologically. My blood proves that my hair is naturally dark and my eyes are naturally green. It defines who I am biologically. My whole biological life is proved and defined in my blood.

When my soul is damaged and cut, what do I bleed–what evidence is there of soul life?   Paul said, “For me to live is Christ…” To paraphrase that, My whole life is defined by my love for Jesus.  If that is true of me, then I will bleed Jesus. The evidence of who I am spiritually will be seen when I experience emotional/soul pain. My life, my essence is proved and defined by Jesus Christ. Thus when I am broken, let me bleed Jesus.

Yesterday as the music portion of the worship service ended the pastor prayed that Jesus would come into our midst and break open our hearts to hear and see Him. Immediately my rambling thoughts began to imagine a broken heart bleeding out, and I thought, “Let it bleed Jesus.” Let there be evidence that He is my source. He is enough. He is the proof that I live spiritually!

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