Biblical Women Reflecting His Image (part 3)

As I have studied the relational qualities God has infused into the very make-up of women, several examples from the Bible have stood out to me.

One of my favorites is Ruth. Naomi was a foreigner in the land of Moab, an Israelite who with her family, had left the land of blessing, in search of food during a great famine. Although food was to be found in Moab, so was grief. Naomi lost not only her husband but also her two sons to death. Broken and empty she made plans to return home.  Ruth, her daughter-in-law determined to go with her. Even when Naomi begged her to return to her own home and family, Ruth was unbending. “Do not ask me to leave you. I’m going wherever you go. I’m sticking with you; your family is my family. And what’s more, I want your God to be my God.” Naomi’s testimony to the power of the one True God, must have been rather weak, considering her situation both emotionally and physically. Yet, God’s love beckoned to Ruth even from the dim light of Naomi’s life. And Ruth was captivated by it. She wanted nothing more than to enter into the family of that one True God.

Her story is rife with awkward effort, amazing provision, strange turns of events, and ultimately redemption. Ruth responds to each situation in a winsome manner. She is warm, devoted, hard working, loving, and even willing to put herself out there in a rather forward manner. Ruth takes risks in relationship…from leaving her homeland, to harvesting in a stranger’s fields, to begging Boaz to act as their kinsman redeemer. Ultimately, Ruth pursuit of relationship within God’s family, landed her in the line of the Messiah, the ultimate risk-taker in relationships! God’s image is reflected in Ruth as we see His very heart, taking the risk and reaching out to us, a bitter, sin-driven people, as our spiritual kinsman redeemer.

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