A Living Connection

Today my precious grams turns 82. She has been my friend and mentor for as long as I’ve been alive; it seems only appropriate that I would take a moment to honor her.  As I look back over my life I see so many imprints made by her loving hands. Here are just a few:

During high school I had a teacher who seemed impossible to please. I remember going to Grams’s house and railing against his unreasonable demands and his haughty demeanor. Grams simply answered, “Tabitha, let’s pray for him.” And that’s what we did. This may seem simplistic, but I learned a lot from this simple directive.

1. God cares about every detail of your life; He’s not going to fix everything the way you want, but he will be involved in working for your good.

2. Pray for those whom you see as “the enemy”. It’s hard maybe impossible to hate someone you pray for.

3. A bad attitude does not bring about positive growth; trusting God does.

When I was getting ready to marry Joel, my high school sweet heart, whom I had known since childhood, grams said to me, “Tabitha, if anyone knows what they are getting into it’s you. Don’t you come crying to me with complaints about him once you’re married.” This word of acknowledgement and advice taught me two valuable things:

1. Complaints about someone I love to someone I love can be detrimental.

2. Knowing what “you’re getting into” doesn’t mean that there won’t arise a day when you feel like you have something to complain about.

Shortly after high school a dear friend of our family passed away suddenly. I was overcome with grief at the loss and questioned how God could take someone away like that. My grams said to me, “Tabitha, ‘He doeth all things well.'” This reminder taught me,

1. to look to God as my faithful, GOOD, God, one I could trust even when terrible, painful things happen.

2. To know that what I don’t understand and can’t fathom, God is sovereign over.

These are just a few examples of the myriad that flood my mind when I think back over the years with my grams. Every memory is fraught with Jesus. My grams has been a living connection for me with Jesus. The lessons I’ve learned are not the real gift. The real gift is the priceless experience of knowing and loving Jesus more fully because of my relationship with her.  So today I honor my grams, but more importantly I honor my God, who has lovingly revealed himself to me through my amazing Grams.

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