Your Name and Your Renown

Our Pastor spoke a few weeks ago from Isaiah 26, a song of praise about the future hope of God’s Kingdom. It is a beautiful passage full of worship and hope, of expectation for the holy promises of God to be fulfilled. Isaiah was a prophet in Judah over a turbulent period in its history. Many had turned away from God and defied his commands. Kings vacillated from serving God, to attempting their own solutions. Some genuinely loved and followed God, and then their children defied Him. God’s faithfulness was called into question. Political unrest abounded. Foreign armies threatened. The people of Judah often lived in a state of disillusionment and even impatience. Does any of  this sound familiar? Certainly our own country and culture is in a turbulent period.  Often Isaiah had to speak harsh warnings from God against the  moral depravity of the people.

But Isaiah 26 is a delightful reprieve from warnings of judgement. Rather, it is a celebration of God’s good promises, the culmination of all He intends, the beauty of his plan unfurled. This passage speaks powerfully of hope in the midst of brokenness, of waiting expectantly.  For the suffering of sin int his life is not the final word. Rather God’s good plan of redemption is.

Verse eight says, “Yes Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you. Your name and your renown are the desires of our hearts!” What a beautiful proclamation. I am moved by the seeming paradox of walking in the way and waiting.  I walk in the way He prepares, and I wait for his future promises. I live expectantly, walking and waiting.  This is the challenge: to stay the course, and to do it with with expectant hope. Walking we wait.

But the verse doesn’t end there.  In the midst of waiting, it is “Your name and your renown that are the desires of our hearts.” The wait is not passive but active.  I long for this to define my life, for  my walk to be constant, my wait to be active anticipation, my desire to be nothing more than His name and His renown.  

I wrote the following poem to express some of these thoughts:

The Walking Wait

Walking I wait,
And listen for your voice,
The path of obedience,
A moment by moment choice.

I wait for your wisdom,
And I walk in the blind,
Your name and your renown,
And your glory divine.

I wait for your kingdom,
Your eternal plan unfurled
And my heart’s one desire,
Is your renown in the world.

This I most long for,
My heart seeks you alone,
Even as I wait,
Silent before your throne.



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