Why Not Me

So many times when we are faced with extreme difficulty or even tragedy we ask the question, “Why me?”  It is easy when we just don’t understand to feel the suffering is unjustified.

Isaiah 53:10 says, “It was the Lord’s good plan to crush Him[Jesus] and cause Him grief.” Part of God’s good, eternal plan was the suffering of the Messiah. Why did Jesus have to suffer? Couldn’t he have swallowed some poison and died in His sleep? He was perfect. He had kept the law perfectly on our behalf. So couldn’t His sacrificial death have been a little less painful than crucifixion? That is my reasoning. But, God says it was His good plan for Jesus to suffer. His death, by the requirement of God’s law, had to include the shedding of blood. His sacrifice for our sins was incredibly costly, and God deemed that it would be so. His good plan included immeasurable agony. And Jesus willingly submitted to that plan.

We may not understand why Jesus had to suffer so much, bu His suffering certainly causes me to rethink the question “why me?” If God’s good plan for Jesus, His only Son,  included extreme suffering, then how can I expect anything less. A more appropriate question might be, “Why not me?”

I am not suggesting that we should go out hunting for pain. Enough will come without our intentionally pursuing it. Nor am I implying that God a sadistic God who gets some twisted pleasure from causing us grief. What I am saying is that suffering in this life is not the worst thing that can happen to us. A life without knowing God intimately is. So with that in mind God’s good plan is one that will draw us to Himself.

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