What to do with the Incomprehensible

Roman is my most inquisitive child when it comes to spiritual issues. He asks simple 5-year-old questions and complex theological questions, sometimes wrapped into the same discussion. Last week he was sick and missed two days of school. After an unfortunate incident in the car without an appropriate receptacle to catch a sudden bout of upchuck, he asked, “Is God the one who makes us sick?” Hmmm…to answer that question. Well I did my best to explain germs and the creation of germs and the taint of sin in this world that has really put everything under a curse–in kindergarten terms, of course. In some ways I have to admit the complication of the answer almost rendered it a non-answer. But he seemed to get the idea that Adam and Eve’s sin is what opened the door to such tragedies as human illness. His simple response, “Oh, so it’s all Adam and Eve’s fault!” Well, yea, in a manner of speaking. But it’s our fault too. And how to explain that?!

Roman’s questions and inquisitiveness really set me to imagining my own stance before God from His point of view. I am so bent on understanding the complications of life. Sometimes I am even demanding that the answers be forthcoming from a God who can seem withdrawn. And sometimes the answers I receive seem somewhat like a non-answer. Childlike faith calls for a continual pursuit, one that is fueled by the Spirit, and not be personal demands for my own satisfaction. It means that sometimes a non-answer is all the answer I need. And that attaining an understanding of the deeper things in life, cannot be a goal unto itself. Is God truly “knowable” by our finite minds? Only in so much as He reveals Himself, and sometimes that revealing comes not so much as a revelation as another package of the incomprehensible. That is as it should be. For attaining a complete understanding of an infinite God with this finite mind, is well…as impossible as it sounds.

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