What must God Think

I guess it’s moving time again. I should be a professional by now. In the nearly 20 years of my adult life I have moved over 15 times, including short treks across town, longer distances across country, and even across the Sea. And my childhood wasn’t much different. From an early age I was trained in the art of sorting, disposing of, preserving, packing, and all the essential elements of moving.

Today, my sister and I were helping the boys to clear out their room, cleaning drawers, closets, under beds, night stands, and the like. Jaden my middle son, is reasonably organized and his part of this process was completed rather quickly. Marshall on the other hand is a bit too much like his mother I’m afraid. He sees value in every little thing and has the hardest time disposing of anything. His drawers are packed with random paraphernalia, from gum wrappers and old photos, to pocket knives, chap stick, peanut shells, and rocks, not to mention cards, school papers, drawings, and stamps from his collection. It is a mess! And convincing him that any of it is trash is harder than convincing my dog to stay out of the garden. He just can’t let go, even when the mess is making his life more complicated. Even when he has more than he needs, and it’s something he hasn’t used in who knows how long. Sentimental junk is even worse. A picture of an old friend, or a report he did in fourth grade…who can get rid of such precious heirlooms? After awhile, my sister suggested we send him out and sort his stuff without him. To my surprise, he was tired enough of all the work, to agree to this, even though he knew we’d be pitching a lot more with him gone.

As we neared the bottom of a drawer Tammy said, “Why does he feel like keeping all this junk is good, when it just tends to make his life harder.”  Then she added the thought provoking comment. “I wonder what God must think of me.”

“What?” I asked, not quite following her train of thought.

“You know. What must he think of all the junk I hang onto. All the things or ideas I think will make me happy that are really just cluttering my life.”

Indeed what must He think of all of us.

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