What I Learn from my Children

In the Bible when parents brought their children to Jesus and the disciples tried to turn them away, Jesus responded by saying, “No, don’t turn them away. The Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  He also exhorted His disciples to become like little children.  Just what did Jesus mean?

I am not a theologian, but I have come up with a few ideas on what Jesus valued in children that He found lacking in many of the grown ups He interacted with. Partially, that is because I am learning to appreciate these same things through the influence of my children.

My children teach me what is truly valuable in life. Last week we went bowling together with my sister and her boys. My youngest son, Roman, is only three so after a few attempts at rolling the ball down the lane, he grows weary and wants to do something else. On this particular day, he was being rather fussy and uncooperative. My oldest son Marshall has a very tender heart, and made several attempts to entertain Roman and raise his spirits. Finally he asked me if he could spend some of his own money to buy Roman a treat out of the gumball machines that line the wall near the exit. The junk in those machines are the bane of every mother’s existence, I’m sure. But I appreciated Marshall’s intention, so grudgingly agreed to let him “throw away” a quarter on some piece of junk. Then it hit me: doing something sweet for his brother was bringing Marshall great joy. Roman would be entertained and Marshall would be delighted to be the big brother hero! And all for a quarter! What Marshall taught me in that moment was how often my value system is skewed. He wasn’t worried about whether the little plastic toy he received from the machine was of monetary value. He wasn’t worried about being ripped off. He was concentrating on doing something kind for someone else, and that is of far greater value than a measly quarter.



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  • I’d say they got a bargain! Who knew those crazy junk toys could be used as part of a spiritual lesson! lol

    1 Tammy said this (July 24, 2011 at 1:05 pm) Reply

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