What Else Is There?

I was listening to a Pete Briscoe message in which he told the story of an opportunity he had to take Major Ian Thomas out to dinner one day. Major Thomas is one of his heroes of the faith, a man whom his parents worked with in their evangelism ministry in England when Pete was a boy. Major Thomas was visiting the US and had come to Dallas where Pete Briscoe now lives. So it was with great anticipating that Pete and his wife met with Major Thomas and took him to lunch.

However, after a few minutes of very stilted conversation, Pete began to feel disheartened. All attempts at small-talk failed. Major Thomas was not rude, but he was not exactly conversational either. Pete thought,Whew this is going to be a long lunch.After ordering their food, Pete suddenly asked, “So Major Thomas, what has the Lord being doing in your life lately?”

All at once, Major Thomas’s eyes lit up. He became animated as with genuine verve he began to speak of God’s grace and goodness in his life. For over an hour he spoke, not even touching his food when it came. Pete and his wife listened with rapt attention to this man of God as he expounded on his Savior’s great love and intimate involvement in our lives.

Finally as the meal had been over for quite a while, Pete commented, “Major Thomas, you sure love to talk about your Savior, don’t you?”

With deep conviction in his tone Major Thomas looked at him and said, “Pete, what else is there?”

This declaration of  single-minded, undivided devotion, is a great reminder and comfort to me. It kind of reminds me of Peter’s response when Jesus asked the disciples if they too would turn away from him. Peter proclaimed, “Where else would we go?”

As I have faced the work, stress, and grief of our move to Wisconsin, along with the joy, excitement, and anticipation of Joel’s upcoming release, there have been many ups and downs. There are so many unknowns in this huge change in our lives. Where will will live? What will the boys do for school? How long will Joel have to live in the halfway house? Will he be allowed to live in the home again with his own children? And when? So many concerns.

I find it difficult to rest and trust on some days. And then in desperation I find myself saying, “What else is there? And to whom else could I go?” Trusting seems scary, until I consider the alternative of going it alone. Then really, it’s no choice at all. For all the questions I am facing there is only one answer that gives me any hope, “God is good and does what is good.” Whatever I am up against, He is in control and He is doing what is good.

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  • Amen sweet lady! Thanks for sharing this precious testimony, I could really relate to Pete’s initial frustration…but then, turning our eyes on JESUS changes everything. May HIS GRACE overflow in your upcoming transition. ((HUGS))

    1 Jessica said this (June 26, 2012 at 4:44 pm) Reply

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