What Brings You Joy

On Saturday Roman was invited to a birthday party for one of his friends from school. She just lives about 6 blocks away from us so I decided we should walk. We headed out, warmly bundled, meandering down the sidewalk together. Roman, now five, didn’t really want me to hold his hand. But I love holding his hand for two reasons: First, I am a physical touch person and holding his hand makes me feel close to him. Also, I walk faster than he does and if I’m not holding his hand I will inadvertently get ahead of him, and he will subsequently walk even slower.¬† When he didn’t willingly comply to my request for his hand, I said, “Oh, Roman, I love holding your hand. It makes me feel like you love me.”

He gave me his hand and replied, “I thought you knew I loved you when I touch your face.” (Roman knows one of my warmest signals of closeness is a caress on the face.)

I smiled. “Yes, that too. I feel loved by holding your hand just like I do when you touch my face.”

“Oh. Doesn’t it just give you a feeling like joy.” He answered winsomely and I had to chuckle inside at this very grown-up conversation we were having.

“Yep, exactly like joy. What brings you a feeling of joy, Roman?” And so we talked for most of our 6-block walk about the things that bring us joy: snuggles, playing games together, being with our family, reading stories, and on and on. All of them boiled down in a nutshell¬† to security and love.

Isn’t it interesting that God’s full intention for us is that we might experience the security of a relationship with Him, wherein we are the recipients and donors of His love. And that brings great joy–both to us and to Him.

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  • You and Roman bring me Joy too!

    1 Joy said this (March 13, 2013 at 8:57 pm) Reply

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