I am coordinating a project at school to raise funds for Gospel for Asia. It is an exciting opportunity to get the kids involved in sharing of their own resources with the poor and needy of the world. The drawback: I work at a mission school where most of the kids come from families that live on a tight budget. These kids don’t have a lot by American standards, but they are wealthy beyond imagination to the “untouchable” children of India. The children at my school don’t go to bed hungry because there is no money to buy food. They may wear hand-me-downs to school, but they have more than one set of clothes.  And they have clean homes with running water! Truly though, it is not just financial wealth that creates a chasm between us.

Beyond that, we live in a country that practices religious freedom. I can go to church when I want to, listen to messages on the radio, enjoy Christian music on the radio or in my home, speak openly about Christ to my friends and neighbors, and send my children to a Christian school, all with no fear of harassment, abuse, or criminal charges. What an incredible gift!

As I have prepared to challenge the students with this opportunity, God has again challenged my heart to consider His point of view. We are wealthy beyond compare because we have every Spiritual blessing already given to us, and we are seated in the heavenly places with Christ.

Raising funds is just one small way that we show His glory to the outcasts of society, to the lost, the lonely and the destitute.  It is exciting to think of all that we have to offer, not because we are something special, but because He is.

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