We Were Made for This

Over the past nine months, I have been studying Greek as part of my continuing education for the ministry I am part of with Wycliffe Associates. It has been immeasurably gratifying even though my aging brain has also found it immensely taxing at times. I just love the way languages work. I am in mystified awe of God’s creativeness when I consider all the nuances of individual languages, not to mention the incalculable ways  we communicate that go away beyond language. There is no doubt that we were created to be relational! We were made for community, for communion, for communication!

From the earliest age our minds strive to develop communicative skills, and to respond to the sensory communication we receive from others. Within minutes of birth a baby’s cry communicates. A mere few weeks later smiling, laughing, gurgling, and grasping emerge as methods of interaction and communication.

As adults our communication is both enhanced and modified by the culture in which we live. Gurgling and grasping for example are relegated to immaturity. On the other hand our verbal skills grow and we learn  to “mitigate” what we are saying in order to sound politically correct. But one thing is certain from the moment we are born until our final breath we strive to communicate, to understand others and be understood by them.

Why is this so striking to me? I am sure those who know me are laughing right now because the obvious answer is because I LOVE to talk! I love to communicate verbally and in written form. It’s hardwired into me at a level that goes beyond standard. But  lately I have been thinking about communication from the perspective of God as Designer. What does it tell us about God that as His image-bearers we are avid communicators, seeking desperately to relate to others? In Hosea God says to his people, “I want you to know me, more than I want burnt offerings…” God, through the prophet Hosea, was begging His people to stop with their rote, religious behaviors, and seek to KNOW Him. He longed to be in community with them. This connection makes me pause in wonder as I consider the Living Word whose ultimate quest to relate with us, culminated in His death and resurrection. God is relational and He is the ultimate communicator. His Son is one immediate and undeniable proof of that.

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