Through the Eyes of a Child

This morning I got the treat of helping my sister in the kindergarten through second grade classroom for children’s church. My job was easy; I just got to watch and listen and help the kids do the same. Twelve young, eager, expectant children awestruck by Jesus. Wow! My sister was tuned right into them, and her message was profound in its simplicity. Holding up a diaper she asked the children if they had ever thought about Jesus wearing one of these. What a thought! Now I know that Mary didn’t have the luxury of pampers, but the fact remains that she did have to use something. I admit, this thought had never crossed my mind. The kids were enthralled. They found this idea of Jesus in diapers novel as well.

As the lesson continued I was reminded of the many ways that Jesus was indeed like us. He was human.  Yes, He was God. But He was also Human. And I have not the mental capacity to actually grasp this reality. But I know it is true. And it is amazing! How could God give up so much to become human? To by needy and dependent on others? To feel thirst, and hunger, and exhaustion, and pain both physical and emotional. To live in human fragility, expectant of His demise at the hands of His own people.

Watching the children and listening to the story put into simple words that they could understand filled me with fresh understanding and delight.  Kids have a way of simply believing the impossible. No deep theological answers or scientific observations necessary.  Maybe that is part of what Jesus was getting at when He said to come to Him we must come as a child.  Without demands  of full revelation and without the jaded eyes of a skeptic. But instead with bright-eyed delight, simple trust, and honest awe of Him.

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