Those Things that Change the Course of a Day

As Marshall was waiting at the bus stop for me to pick him up from school 3 boys accosted him picking on him and trying to get him to hand over his cell phone–which he didn’t have. He left the bus stop to head back into the school (It’s only about 100 yards away) to call me, and 2 of the boys followed him, hit him hard enough to knock him into a hedge on the side of the school and then kicked him several times on his face and right arm before running off.

Needless to say, He was pretty traumatized, though not seriously hurt. Once the boys ran off, Marshall got up and went into the front entrance of the school. The office manager was just leaving and found him sitting on the steps inside the front door. So she took him into the office and called the police, at which point I arrived. So much for a quick pick-up and head home to make supper! Instead I was thrown into a bit of a panic seeing Marshall sitting in the office with ice on his face, all watery-eyed.

It took two hours for the police to come and question Marshall and take pictures of his various scratches and abrasions. The police officers were kind and low-key.  Although Marshall did a pretty good job of describing the boys who attacked him, there was really nothing telling about their appearance.

These kinds of unexpected interruptions are a stark reminder of what is truly valuable. How relieved we are that God protected Marshall and kept him from further injury! And I am so thankful for a kind staff at the school who immediately took care of Marshall until I could arrive. When I imagine the fear of those few moments for Marshall lying in the  bush receiving repeated blows, I get a little choked up and panicky. And I have to stop and remind myself that God was protecting Marshall. What could have caused serious injury resulted in a few scrapes and bruises.

Would I have avoided this? Oh, yea…man I wish I had been there just a few minutes earlier to pick Marshall up. If only I could have spared him from this little bit of trauma. But I can’t change it. I can’t go back and arrive in time to stop this from happening. What I can do, is thank God for showing Marshall and our family that He cares for us, even when unexpected, bad things happen.

2 Responses to "Those Things that Change the Course of a Day"

  • Oh my goodness! I can hear your mama heart, my dear! So thankful with you for the kind staff and God’s protection of Marshall!

    1 Joy said this (November 28, 2012 at 5:36 pm) Reply

  • So glad he wasn’t hurt worse. Praying for the Lord’s healing and strength, to be able to truly forgive, have compassion and pray for those boys.

    2 Alice said this (November 29, 2012 at 5:51 pm) Reply

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