They will KNOW…

I was out shopping the other day with not one but two little 6 year old boys! Yes, Roman had a friend over for the afternoon and it was my one chance to pick up groceries for school lunches since school officially started today. These two about-to-be first graders were rowdy to say the least–climbing on and under the shopping cart, grabbing items we did not need and tossing them into the cart, laughing and pulling tricks on each other. Some misbehavior, but mostly just childish playfulness. Still it was enough to drive me crazy as I tried to parent patiently and faithfully in the midst of picking up the few items we needed and exiting the store quickly. I’m sure you can just picture us careening down the aisles children bouncing off the sides of the cart and into each other. I could feel the eyes of other shoppers on us and secretly hoped we weren’t being a nuisance. Whew! What a relief to get into the check-out lane and out of the store. I had managed to corral them for the most part, maintain a certain level of sanity and not lose my cool! Nothing short of a miracle for sure…a show God’s love to these two little vagrants! But what came next was the real surprise. A woman in the parking lot stopped and told me how moved she was by our little family’s interaction in the store! Now isn’t that crazy. Instead of being shocked and chagrined at the boys’ goofy and rowdy behavior, she was moved by our loving interaction! Now that is a picture of the testimony we are when we have love one to another.

It shouldn’t surprise me. After all, Jesus told his disciples, “They will KNOW you are my disciples if you have love one for another.” The earmark of a disciple of Christ is his love for other followers of Christ. This is the telltale sign! Not miraculous powers. Not speaking in tongues. Not preaching at the top of our lungs. Not loudly decrying the decline of our culture. Not denouncing certain lifestyles, behaviors, and attitudes. Not faithfully being part of a Christian gathering. Not even showing love to the world. No–it is our love for one another that will make the world stop and take note. When we live as a body of believers who care for one another’s needs, then others will KNOW we are Christians. That’s what Jesus said. I am not denouncing or denying other evidences of Christ in our lives. I just think we may need reminded of the main thing–LOVE for our brothers and sisters.

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