The Weapons of War

The struggles we have faced this week have felt like a direct attack. I feel as if I’m in the middle of a mine-field. War is inevitable. My first thought is to scream, “Wait a minute! I didn’t ask for this?” And then I remember that I did. The moment I identified myself with Christ. And each time that I have laid bare before Him all my earthly desires, and made myself available for His kingdom, I have exposed myself to spiritual battle. Sometimes that battle is fought with my own selfish desires. And sometimes that battle is fought with the apparent sins of this day and age. In any case, it is always fought against Satan and his minions who work relentlessly to destroy the glory of Christ.

As I was sharing with my sister the pressure of this battle, she reminded me, “Fight a spiritual battle with spiritual weapons. Those weapons are a breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel, a shield of faith, and a sword of truth.” This got my crazy mind reeling and I began to wonder who might be affected by this battle that I am not aware of. I may never know all the reasons for the pain that the boys and Joel and I are going through. And the reasons don’t necessarily mitigate the pain. But seeing this as a spiritual battle reminds me that there is so much more here at stake than our little family and the specific issue of Joel being with his kids.

At the same time, my pain is intensely personal to God. He is not setting aside my good, for the “greater good.” What we cannot do, God does all the time. He causes even the bad things in life to work not only for my own personal good, but also for the good of His kingdom and for His glory.  That means this trial has eternal purpose and my confident hope is in His eternal goodness.


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