The Way Devised

I read this amazing description of God in 2 Samuel the other day. “But God does not just sweep life away; instead He devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from Him.” (14:14b) As I wade through the Scriptures, I come across this theme again and again. God, the Pursuer. God the Seeker. God the Divine Designer.

God’s design, God’s plan has always been to draw us into relationship with Him. What greater predicament could we find ourselves in than being separated from God, our Creator? And that is the plight of all mankind. But God has never intended that it stay that way. Rather, His divine design includes seeking us, pursuing us, drawing us back.  He could just sweep away life. And sometimes I have to honestly admit that is what I would do. Why does God put up with the evil of humanity? Why does God put up with me? Whining, discontent, demanding, fearful, faithless….why?  The answer to this question, I find in one of the most loved verses of Scripture: “For God so loved the world….” Why would He put up with us? Because He loves. At His very core, God loves. And that love fuels every plan to draw us back to Him. Not out of co-dependence; for God doesn’t need us. But He wants us. And that is the most beautiful love.

Jesus is the proof of this plan, the proof of God’s love, the proof that His glory will not be shared. As we celebrate His incarnation, I realize that only God could design a plan so wonderful and complex. His design is to draw us back at great initial cost, but for ultimate glory. It is a fearfully and wonderfully made design. And its end will be the glory of Jesus Christ before every tribe, tongue, and nation. God has indeed devised the Way to bring us back.

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