The Pursuit

I am still thinking about the wise men and the many lessons we can learn from their story. This poem is an expression of some of my pondering on this issue. A tingle runs up my spine, and I find myself on the verge of tears as I imagine the God of the universe in pursuit of humankind. Jesus is the evidence that God seeks us! What an overwhelming concept!

Out across the desert,
The Magi ride in haste,
Following the sign,
There is no time to waste.

Studying the heavens,
They’d seen a brand new star,
One with a precious message,
That struck right to the heart.

A king was announced,
In that bright diamond above,
A heavenly King had come,
To share the Father’s love.

A God-plan was revealed,
A Savior had finally come,
The Magi read the signs,
And run to chase the Son.

Chasing ever westward,
One quest, one King to find,
Pursuing a God of love,
Whose stars so brightly shines.

Pursuing the Pursuer,
Seeking the God who Seeks,
Worshiping the Savior,
Who came to rescue the week.

Finding as they fall,
Prostrate before the One,
Whom they’ve rushed to find,
He is God’s Holy Son.

He is the pursuer,
He is the seeker still,
Drawing us ever nearer,
Our deepest need to fill.

And when we run to Him,
It is in answer to His call.
We find Him faithful to His Word.
As to our knees we fall.

For our pursuit is our worship,
Coming from a place,
Where we’ve been sought and found,
By His unsearchable grace.

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  • Love it! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    1 Becci said this (December 4, 2012 at 2:15 am) Reply

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