The Poppy

I love poppies, with their papery thin petals and deep, vibrant colors. But mostly I love them because to me they symbolize the kind of beauty that comes out of disaster and death. The poppy seed lies dormant until the ground is rooted up and then it bursts forth in color that demands to be noticed.In Flander’s Field,one of my favorite poems, was written by a World War 1 doctor, who noticed lovely poppies blooming all over the field where just hours before death and destruction had reigned. Through a bloody battle, Flander’s Field had been naturally tilled, and the poppy seeds were freed to pop right up out of the ground displaying their fragile yet bold beauty. This image speaks to me of God’s beautiful plan of redemption that so often unfolds in our life through tragic and uninvited circumstances. He creates in our lives fragile beauty that boldly proclaims His grace to the watching world.

The Poppy

Fragile and flimsy,
Papery thin,
Bright orange and yellow
tossed by the wind.
Sprung from a seed,
Buried and dormant,
Born into light,
By undeniable torment.

Fragile and flimsy
Yet brilliantly bold.
Proudly displaying,
His mercies untold.
Finding in darkness,
Hope for the light.
Finding His favor,
Break through in the night.

Fragile and flimsy,
Waving to and fro,
Witness to beauty,
From shadows below.
Destruction has met,
With light and life.
Death has brought forth,
beauty in strife.

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