The Path of Least Resistance

I was listening to a sermon by Pete Briscoe recently, in which he posed an interesting question. “What is the difference between a canal and a river?” He wasn’t teaching a geography lesson though. He was making a spiritual point. His answer: “A river follows the path of least resistance. A canal goes where it must to be functional.” Then he asked, “Are you a river, or a canal?”

Oh, how I long for the path of least resistance. I gravitate toward the easy life. And honestly, don’t we all? Who doesn’t long for life to be simple. But then the nagging question tugs at the recesses of my mind: “Is  the destination of this path a wasted life?”

God won’t allow me to follow the path of least resistance, because in the end, that path leads away from satisfaction in Him.  For this reason, when I get distracted from following hard after Him, and begin to gravitate toward “easy street”, God draws me back sometimes ferociously.  The Psalmist said, “Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now I keep your Word.” The affliction that comes into my life, keeps me from settling in and living for the hear and now.  Moving beyond our comfort zone is not natural. It requires the supernatural work of the Spirit in our lives.

Although I am over two years into this journey of Joel’s incarceration, I have not the strength to go one more day without the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit within me. The truth is the path of least resistance is a trap. It leads to self-reliance. It leads to trusting in my own strength and power. And neither one is enough to get me through. But He is always enough. The path of least resistance leads away from my Savior. And that is a move I cannot afford.

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