The Nature of Addiction

Joel has learned a lot about the issue of addiction–the symptoms, the triggers, the road to recovery. As he has shared with us, it has really struck home to me that we all suffer from addiction–the addiction to self or sin. Ever since the fateful day in God’s beautiful garden when Eve succumbed to the Serpent’s fib, every human being has been born addicted to self. The symptoms are evident all around us: a need to stand out, the requirement of comfort and security, an expectation of “unalienable rights,” a demand for more, a compulsion towards entertainment, flavor and excitement. The addiction runs deep. And the most classic symptom of all, denial, keeps us from acknowledging its corrosive effect.

The truth is, we were created for so much more. A fixation of a different kind. A compulsion for a different home. The only cure for our earthly addictions is a holy rescue.  And that is what Christ offers us. Through His passionate sacrifice and resurrection, the door is opened. Sanctification is possible. And what is sanctification but a purifying of the image we were created to bear.  As William Struthers, in his book Wired For Intimacy, puts it, “The process of sanctification is an addiction to holiness, a compulsive fixation on Christ and an impulsive pattern of compassion, virtue, and love. This is what we are wired for. This is what we are meant for.”

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  • Amen Tabitha!
    Great truth here. May we be compelled to serve and please Christ!

    1 Jessica said this (April 26, 2012 at 3:29 pm) Reply

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