The Love Song

I wrote this poem for our Bond of Sisterhood–Community and Commission ladies’ retreat last week end. It stems from my meditations on Colossians 3: 12-17. This passage is rich with instruction and encouragement. And what is so beautiful to me, is the assurance of Christ’s constant presence and work in us even as we wrestle to be in relationship with one another.

In the process of protein synthesis, our bodies collect just the right data and form a long line of amino acids in precisely the correct order to create the necessary protein. What keeps those amino acids in place is what’s called a “peptide bond.” God puts each member of his body together in just the right place and He bonds us with the Spirit one to another–a bond far superior to the peptide bond our physical bodies use. I am overwhelmed and in awe of His majestic work in the tiny nuances of our lives to bring us to perfection in Him as we are in relationship with one another.

But it doesn’t stop there; our relationship with one another facilitates the flow of the Spirit from us to the world. To use the body again, each peptide bond makes it possible for another amino acid to come along, be lined up in just the right place and affix itself to the strand. God’s bond in our lives enables us to express His power and love to the world.

The Love Song
The bond we share is His design,
A love that transcends this brokenness of mine.
His love fills the gaps making me whole,
Shining through cracks, redeeming my soul.
Chosen for new life, a part of His clan,
Empowered by Him to be more than I am.
By his forgiveness, I can let go,
Making room for grace to blossom and grow.
Winding around, up, and between,
Drawing us near as on Him we lean.
Unity’s purpose His goodness displayed,
We, His children by a glorious trade.
Our bondage to death broken at last,
Replaced by His life, as we are held fast.
Tight in His grip, bound by His love,
We are His poem of grace from above.
We are His love song, His winsome plan,
Spread abroad from our hearts into every land.

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