The Lies the Bind

Yesterday our pastor spoke on the following verses from Colossians: “Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.”  His message resonated deeply with me. For Paul’s call  to cease lying to one another, seems to imply far more than merely telling falsehoods. It seems to encompass the lies we tell by the way we act, what we don’t say, the image we present, the impression we give.  For myself, this kind of lying comes in one of two forms–either I deny the power of Christ in me to change me into his image, and therefore live the lie that I’m still a slave to my selfish nature, or I deny my own incredible neediness for His desire and power to take control of me, and I live the lie that I can be a renewed creature in my own strength. Both of these lies have equal power to hold me in bondage. As I think about Paul’s call to cease lying, I feel a deeper call, to step away from the lies that bind, and into the freeing arena of Christ’s life in me.

The Lies that Bind

I long to walk in freedom,
To throw off every chain,
I dream of peace and rest,
An end to the chronic pain.
I fight to break the surface,
To breathe deeply the fresh air.
I make a plan and spin a lie,
Anything to get me there.
Until the falsehoods have me trapped,
Like shackles fastened well,
And the independence I demand,
Becomes my prison cell.
The deceptive blanket over my soul,
Meant to free me of the pain,
Instead becomes the weight,
That drags me down again.
Held captive by the falsehoods,
Lies that deny my own need,
I strive to find a way out,
From this prison to be freed.
A whisper floats in the darkness,
“My child your need is key,
Without acceptance of it,
You can never be set free.
The liberty you seek,
Cannot be created on your own,
And the independence you opine,
Will leave you all alone.
Freedom from the chains,
Comes when you finally see,
Your desperate on your own,
Only I can set you free.
Let go of the lies,
Let go of the plan,
Let go of your own free will.
Let me be your truth.
Let me be your way,
And let me your brokenness fill.”


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