The Invitation Whispered to my Heart

Several years ago, I was reading in Psalm 27 and this phrase from verse 8 (NLT) jumped off the page at me: “My heart has heard you say, ‘come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord I am coming.’ ” This brief but precious dialogue between the Psalmist and His Lord, reflected the longing of my own heart.

Often I have wished that God would just speak out loud to me in a voice my ears can hear. Instead God chooses to speak in a voice that goes much deeper than my physical ears. He speaks to the heart. But all to often my heart becomes preoccupied with other voices, ones that haunt me with a million unknowns. As I sat and meditated on that verse I realized that often I hear Him speak  through the pain and suffering I face in this life. It is as if He uses that pain as a mega-phone. The pain of my disappointment and fear was crushing. But it was turning God’s whisper to my heart into a shout that thrilled me.

My heart truly did find hope and comfort in the call of God to “come and talk.” And I was overwhelmed by His intimate connection with me during these difficult days. The loneliness was sometimes an intense ache, and sometimes a dull thud. But in the midst of it I found myself expectant, listening for the beckoning call of God.

Recently, our pastor preached on this same passage from the Psalms and I was again wooed by the invitation of Almighty God to “Come and talk with me.”  I’m in a totally different phase of life right now. Certainly not without obvious struggles–given Joel’s continuing neck pain and probation restrictions–but a place of more evident stability and clarity as well as calling. I have been given the powerful gift of participating in training individuals all over the world to carry on the translation of Scripture. Additionally, I’m getting to experience the joy of speaking publicly about His goodness, His redemption, His love right here in America.

The precious truth I’m learning is that it isn’t just in the intense moments of suffering that I need this invitation from God. Rather, as that roar has died down, His whisper still beckons me. Because no matter what phase of life I am in, there is no more precious invitation than this. There is nothing more healing, joy-filling or satisfying as moments purposefully spent in stillness with Him.

Your Invitation

Is that you, Lord, I can hear?

With my heart, 
not with my ears.

Is that you, Lord, calling me?

“Come and talk, 
and you will see,

How great and deep and wild,

Is my love, for you,
my child.”

Is that you, Lord, can it be?

Are you calling, 
and wanting me?

Is that you, Lord, calling me?

My heart says yes! I rise with glee.

Your voice so precious, I can hear.

I know it well, and count it dear.

I am coming, oh, my King.

To be with you,
 makes my heart sing.

In your presence is joy untold.

In you I find treasure finer than gold.

Millennia on this earth won’t do.

I would trade it all for one day with you.

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