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I have been thinking about some of the amazing heroes of the faith in Scripture and how they persevered through extreme circumstances. Just yesterday my brother-in-law commented on Joseph, whose brothers actually sold him into slavery and concocted a deadly deception for their father. He went from slave to prisoner in the foreign land of Egypt, and then to second in command under Pharaoh himself. Talk about a roller coaster life. I love his story because of the poetic justice in the end, because Joseph’s situation is redeemed and the salvation at the end far surpasses the treachery at the beginning. BUT, as I ponder that story now, I realize I am privileged to have the inside scoop so to speak. I know the ending. Joseph did not. He sat in a foreign prison for years, not knowing when or even if he would ever be released.  And yet, he trusted God, and prospered even in adverse circumstances. He didn’t have to know the ending, because he knew the One who controls all endings.  Clearly Joseph desired to be released. And he tried every possible avenue toward that end. But as he hoped for a better future, he also rested.

Joseph’s situation went from bad, to more bad, to limited success, to sudden worst of all, and then in one powerful moment of total turn-around to amazingly great. This path reminds me that even when we think things couldn’t get worse, they can. And that is not a “glass is half empty” comment. Because when things got worse for Joseph, God was still working toward a mighty miracle. Joseph got to be a part of rescuing his entire family. But he didn’t know that as his situation grew more dire. All he knew for sure was that God was in control and that God is good. Joseph was able flourish because his hope was ultimately in God.

I have to honestly admit that I am afraid. Afraid to live like we are right now for the long haul. Afraid of the many ways things could get harder. Afraid of so many unknowns. God’s reminder through heroes like Joseph is one of hope. Not in a better future, but in a future held by a Sovereign God who is good and is working for our good. I don’t know the ending yet.  But God does. That is where my hope lies.

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  • Oh my dear! What courage you have as you choose to believe, to trust in the goodness of God in the middle of your fear. Just as Joseph did. I wish so much that I could sit with you and hug you and cry with you. I love you, dear friend!!

    1 Joy said this (August 2, 2012 at 8:57 pm) Reply

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