The Grace of Ignorance

Recently I was talking to my sister about some of the hardest issues that have come up about our relocation to Wisconsin and Joel’s supervised release (or probation).  I commented that I hadn’t told the boys some of the negatives we face, because until we get there and see what it is like, there is no reason for them to be unnecessarily concerned. She heartily agreed, adding, “They are too young to bear that kind of burden.”

Suddenly it was as if God were saying to me, “That is exactly how I deal with you. Aren’t you glad you didn’t know three years ago, each step you would face in this journey? I love you so much that I bear the burden for you, keeping you in the grace of ignorance.” When I look back over the past four years, I realize how naive and unprepared I was for this journey. I had no idea how long of a sentence Joel would receive, or what kind of restrictions he would be under for the rest of his life or that we would face a move to Wisconsin. But bit by bit, day by day, God has led me through this minefield.  He has graciously handled each twist and turn protecting me from the full brunt of this trial. Truly, “He has carried our griefs and borne our sorrows.”

Sometimes I am tempted to panic about our future because there are still so many unknowns. Then God reminds me that those unknowns are a part of His grace toward me.  I don’t need to know the future. He does, and He will carry it for me. That is the grace of ignorance.


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