The Dance of Eager Expectation and Patience

I have been thinking a lot lately about really listening to God. I am challenged in this area, because I tend to be one of those people who is always busy. Of course, that is partially a result of my current circumstances. But I know me, and even when my life didn’t have to be this busy, it was. I am always doing something.  I am the kind of person who looks at a situation and immediately begins to do something. I think about results, about success, about correction, about moving ahead, and being productive.

Truly God has called us to be His hands and feet in this world, and His Spirit within, enables us to DO His will. So oft times the work I do, is actually the work the Spirit is doing within me. I eagerly expect His hand in my life. But I am beginning to see how quickly I assume that all work falls into that category. The question I am asking myself is “Am I busy because I perceive busy-ness as a mark of spirituality?” Oh, how quickly my fallen, sinful self, twists God’s truths. How often I feed myself the lies of a desperately deceived and wicked heart.

God tells us to “Be still.” That certainly does not come naturally for me, which, of course means, it must be a work of the Spirit of God in my life, to teach me stillness. I think it has something to do with listening to God, not just assuming I know what He wants and what He is saying. God is never in a hurry and most of the time, at least by my calculations, He isn’t even on time! But I guess that is because my calculations are faulty. God is asking me to be patient. He is working out His purpose in my life, just not always as quickly as I would like, or in the ways I would expect.

God’s Spirit dances in perfect rhythm to the beat of eager expectation mingled with patience. In order for Him to teach me the steps I have to “Be still.” I have to “watch and pray.” I have to let Him lead.


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  • wow, I really needed to hear that right now… thanks for all your honesty in your posts. it’s very encouraging.

    1 Kym Cahill-Ducharme said this (October 5, 2011 at 6:12 pm) Reply

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