The Cure for Sin

I have been reminded several times recently of an important Biblical truth I learned during my Bible school days. When we choose to allow sin into our lives, we don’t know how far that sin will take us, or what it will take to bring us back. Unfortunately, we often think we have choices that we don’t really have.

The sin-sick heart within, offers a compromise style of obedience–I’ll do it my way this time, and God’s way next time. Oh, the lies we buy into. Until one day, we find that we just don’t care. We know what God wants. And we know what is right. We may still actually desire God with great fervency. But, we do not desire God’s work in our life in that calloused area. This is the danger of buying into sin’s lie. A numbness creeps in, anesthetizing us to its poisonous effect.

God is teaching me that the real shame in this is that when I buy sin’s lie and allow that numbness to creep into my life, I am robbing Him of glory. I become a thief! Truly sin’s curse brings much damage into my own life. I suffer the consequences in countless ways. But the real shame of sin, is that it is an affront to my Holy God.  His image is dragged through the mud every time I choose to sin.

The true cure is God Himself. Psalms 51:12 was David’s plea to God, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you!”  God can restore in us His joy! He can give us the desire to obey Him. The gospel is my hope, not just for eternal salvation, but for daily freedom from a life wasted, one sin at a time.



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