Standing on the Edge

The room fairly hums with ethereal music. Our hushed conversations and delicate smiles tell a story of awe as we gather to celebrate God’s work among us. We are standing on the edge of eternity. We have felt the hand of God moving among us. We have experienced His power. We have seen His glory. And we are undone.

We are Moses standing on the Mount of God, passing His Word on to His people. We are David panting for His presence, begging for a part in building a dwelling place for His name.  We are Isaiah standing before the Throne of the Lord of Hosts, unclean yet purified by fire, and sent to spread forth His glory. We are Peter, “eyewitnesses of His glory,” changed from the inside out. We are Paul, transformed from “the worst of sinners” to fighters in “the good fight…” where “living is Christ.”

Four translations of 1 and 2 Thessalonians in less than two weeks is the miracle we celebrate, the Divine work we have had the privilege to partake in, His Sacred Word reaching the far corners of this world. And truly the hard work, the sacrifices, the disappointments, the hurdles, the lessons learned along a rocky way, all seem minuscule and inconsequential in this rare sparkling moment, where the “eternal weight of glory” presses around us.

Thousands of languages throb with a longing cry for His Word. Millions of inhabitants of planet earth have yet to hear His message in their language. Yet God has promised that His renown will spread to “every nation, tribe and tongue.” His love is not reserved for a precious few, a selected language or people group. Rather He loves “the world” and wills that “none perish.” Jesus’ mandate of nearly 2000 years ago is for His followers to participate in “bringing many sons unto glory.” It is our responsibility, it is our calling, but more than that it is the gift of God in our lives. It is our privilege, it is our blessing, but more than that it is the gift of God to the far corners of the earth.

That’s what we had the joy of participating in. The workshop and time spent together translating, using specific tools and methods, has developed skills in these translators that will speed up the process and allow God’s Word to quickly penetrate the darkness of this region.

7 days, 8 hours a day….135 verses in 4 different languages…1 and 2 Thessalonians translated and checked, printed and ready to share with church leaders…This is priceless.

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