Running a Little Late?

Not finding a house until just last week end has put us a bit behind by my estimations as far as schooling is concerned. What responsible parent doesn’t have their children registered for school by the end of summer? I mean we have about two weeks left until school starts. So I guess we are pushing it just a bit. But having no permanent residence settled, made picking a school nearly impossible.

Now that we do know where we’re going to live, I have been scrambling to put the pieces of the “school” puzzle together. I had been given some very valuable information about schooling for the older boys at a well-known Christian school in the area that participates in a state scholarship program. Monday was the last day to apply for the scholarship….so you can guess what I was doing first thing Monday morning.  Having turned in the last vestige of paperwork for that application I headed into Milwaukee to check out the public schools in the vicinity of our new house, hoping to find a place that would be a good fit for Roman. He is entering K4 and isn’t eligible for scholarship at the same school where I applied for the other two.

An hour into my search, I had turned up nothing. I had checked out two schools, one of which was full and the other which made my stomach turn to think of sending Roman there. The boys were getting tired, and I was beginning to feel a little disheartened. So I decided to run up to the bus stop for the older two boys and clock the miles from our house so I would have a good feel for our schedule. Since the school is private, they have a limited number of buses that run and just a few Milwaukee stops where they pick up.

It turned out that the one closest to us is only a couple miles away so that will be very handy. It’s in a church parking lot and when I pulled in I immediately noticed a big blue banner advertising a private Lutheran school “now enrolling–K5 through 8”. That won’t work; Roman is K4 I thought. But desperation told me to take down the number and call them anyways. So before we left the parking lot I was on the phone with their front office.

“Do you want to just enroll your child, or are you also looking to apply for scholarship?” The kind lady on the other end of the line asked me.

“I didn’t expect there to be scholarships available but if there are, I’d like to apply!” I answered. In short order she had given me directions to the school and the information I would need to bring in order to fill out paperwork.

So off we went back into Milwaukee to check out this new option for Roman. Full scholarship? Check. Room in his grade? Check. Free meals at school? Check. Chance to meet the teacher? Check. Chance to see the classroom? Check. Reasonable location? Check. (Just about 3 miles from our new house.) What a whirlwind! At 11:30 I was about ready to throw in the towel for the day and by 1:30 Roman was enrolled in a solid Christian school! Now I know some might call this a random twist of fortunate events. Our family heartily recognizes it as the never-late, always in control hand of our personal God.

6 Responses to "Running a Little Late?"


    1 Charlie said this (August 22, 2012 at 5:18 am) Reply

  • Praising the Lord for His provision for your boys schooling. Been praying for you guys.

    2 Teresa said this (August 22, 2012 at 7:38 am) Reply

  • I have been praying for you my friend! If there is a post from you, it is the first thing I read when I get to work. Thanking God for His provision in His time.

    3 Chris Sekunna said this (August 22, 2012 at 8:29 am) Reply

  • Amen! Nothing is by chance!

    4 Mollyana said this (August 22, 2012 at 11:45 am) Reply

  • Halleluja!! God is good and God answers prayed!! So happy for you friend!!

    5 Teresa said this (August 22, 2012 at 11:35 pm) Reply

  • One of my favorite “God words” applies here – WOW!! Amazing what He has done! Praying for you all…

    6 Phyllis Gordon said this (August 24, 2012 at 7:19 am) Reply

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