A good reputation is of immeasurable value. Joel shared in one of his letters to a close friend how deeply he regrets the loss of his reputation. No amount of remorse can change what is. A reputation takes a long time to build, but can be destroyed with one sinful choice. Unfortunately, a reputation can also be tarnished by others. I faced this reality as I chose to stand by Joel in spite of his sinful choices and subsequent consequences.  A tarnished reputation is severely limiting. It impairs one’s influence, one’s ministry, and one’s effectiveness.

But every time we sin, Jesus’ reputation is sullied on our account! What grief He must experience! I am stunned, in awe, and dumbfounded by a Grace that forgives our flippant squandering of His love. More than that I am humbled, smitten, and a bit mortified. To rob Jesus of His reputation by the selfishness of sin, suddenly seems so incongruous. Can it really be that my choices can impair His influence, His effectiveness in this world?

As Joel and I have experienced the grief and pain of a lost reputation, we have identified in a new way with our Savior.   I have been given a tiny glimpse into the kind of love Jesus has for us. He willingly stands with us as we face the shame of sinful choices. He himself bore the shame of being “counted among the rebels” (Isaiah 53:12 NLT) for our sake.  So on the many days when I have been tempted to wallow in the shame of a lost reputation, He has shown  me that the real shame isn’t that my reputation has been sullied but that His has been. And in spite of that shame, His love transcends a broken reputation.


2 Responses to "Reputation"

  • I have wondered about this aspect and how you have dealt with it personally. I praising God that the Spirit has used even this to take you deeper into who you are in Christ and I’m proud of you for letting Him do that instead of harboring in that hurt. I’m sure it’s a daily process at times. I love you! You are such a blessing to my life and your faith is a shining beacon, a testimony of how His grace can truly redeem all things!

    1 Shilo said this (November 30, 2011 at 1:01 pm) Reply

    • Thanks, Shilo. Your encouragement and friendship means so much to me. I was praying for you today and thanking God for your precious friendship!

      2 Tabitha Joy said this (November 30, 2011 at 9:27 pm) Reply

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