Pray Big, Believe Big, Live Big

You might notice it’s Saturday–not Tuesday. So why am I posting? If you follow my blog you know Tuesday is my “post” day. But I can’t wait til Tuesday. I can’t wait to tell you why I won’t be able to post on Tuesday. You see I’m off to celebrate our Big God and his big answers to prayers, in a place off-grid. Right now I sit in an airport in the middle east, on my way to one of my favorite places on earth. If you know me, you know I travel a lot. But this trip is different. This trip is one of those miracle trips for me.

A little over a month ago, I said to my boss, “You need to send me back to Nepal, you know.”

“Yeah,” he answered absently, then shaking his head he said, “No, why do I need to send you back ?”

I chuckled to myself as I admitted, “Two years ago when you took me there a piece of my heart stayed. Now I pray that God gives me the gift of going back.

And here I am just six weeks later on my way, because just a couple weeks after that conversation, we got the official invitation to a celebration of celestial significance. The New Testament translation we had helped to pilot on our first trip two years ago, is complete. And it’s time to honor God’s faithfulness, and celebrate together with all those who had a part in this project.

Two years ago, it was a dream, as a couple young brothers (one still a teen ager) crashed our workshop after a two day journey from the mountains. They wanted a translation in their heart language, and they needed us to teach them how to translate.  An unlikely and inauspicious start to a mammoth project, to be sure. But people prayed, and prayed a lot. These two young men worked diligently, in spite of set backs and illnesses. Others joined them, one a pastor from a different village who took a 12 hour motorcycle ride, just a few days after having back surgery, to get to town for a second workshop to continue the project. A college student who lives in town, a teacher, the two original boys’ father, and others took an interest in the project.. And so it has continued to completion.

I’m in awe. I’m undone. I’m overwhelmed. By this intimate God, who takes infinite interest in each of us, who provides a way in the darkness for his light to shine, and invites us to be part of shining that light. And this rejuvenates my faith, calling me to believe big, pray big, live big, because I serve a BIG God. A God of miracles. A God who gives me the joy of being part of his miracles.


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