I grew up in a tiny village going to a Christian missionary school, followed by a year at Bible college, so entering a secular college to pursue my degree in teaching was a real environmental adjustment! For the first time in my life my faith put me in the minority. And I discovered that very intelligent, well-studied, and respected individuals did not believe the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I knew this in my head, long before entering college. But seeing it with my own eyes was sobering.

I’ll never forget one discussion we had in British Literature class my third semester. The class was small and we often explored “rabbit trails” of minimal connection to the course material. On this day the teacher opened the discussion by saying, “I would think that God–if there is a God–would love Einstein more than He loves Billy Graham.” Oh, the layers of philosophy embedded in that one statement! It gave me pause. I had never imagined such a perspective. One thing I knew, this God he imagined was not the God of the Bible, the God who loved me deeply and personally, not because of my own intellect or contribution to the history of mankind but unconditionally and based entirely on His prerogative to love.

With as much tact as possible I attempted to express this to my teacher. “As a Christian I know there is a God, but if he were like you imagine, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Him because I’m no Einstein. I have nothing to offer to be deserving of His love. Instead He loves me of his own volition, as much as he loved Einstein or loves Billy Graham.”

I was in for another jolt with his answer. “That’s funny,” He mused, “Most Christian think God loves them more than the rest of us.” My heart hurt for this brilliant professor whose mind was so darkened to the truth of God’s never-ending, world-encompassing, passionately-seeking love.

Today I am thankful for a God-perspective, solidified through formative experiences like this one, and for the opportunity to be a witness to the amazing, powerful, chasing, and gripping love of my Heavenly Father.

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