Patient in Tribulation

I was at a friend’s house the other day and read Romans 12:12 on a plaque she had sitting by the sink. What a timely reminder for me.  I had to ask myself, “Am I rejoicing in hope? Patient in tribulation? Instant in prayer?”

Rejoicing in hope….sometimes. And then sometimes I find myself wallowing in trepidation. It’s hard to hope after repeated disappointments. The writer of Proverbs was so right when he said, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  But at the same time, the human heart seems made to hope. I can’t stop myself from hoping. I don’t want to hope and have that hope deferred, but I don’t want to live without hope either. So I rejoice in the hope of God Himself.  For He is good, and “we can trust everything He does.” My hope for a reunion for our family rests in the hands of the One who cares more for us than I can imagine.

Patient in tribulation…I guess that depends on how long the tribulation lasts. I have to admit I’m impatient about being patient. I can do it for awhile, and then I think, “Surely this is long enough. Haven’t I learned what I can learn? Have I been patient enough yet?” But patience in tribulation is not about passing a test, and the patient part means I don’t get to quit. I don’t get to do things my own way in an effort to fix my problems, or assuage my pain. Now that’s a tough one. Instead I have to know that God is the one who “gives me the desire and power to do what pleases Him” (and not what will make me feel better.)

Instant in prayer…That by far is the easiest part of the verse.  Yes. I find myself praying fervently, randomly and desperately throughout the day and night. I pray thoughtfully and I pray frantically.  Sometimes I beg. And sometimes I pray God’s Word. I pray alone. I pray with others. I pray because I am so desperately needy and so dependent upon God for hope, and patience.

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  • Tabitha! I am praying with you! GOD is working even when we dont’ see the evidence just yet. Faith is the evidence of things Hoped for and yet unseen! Not exact quote, but from my heart! Keep Believing Sister! Love you! Cindy

    1 cindy floyd said this (July 22, 2012 at 4:19 pm) Reply

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