This morning at 8:30 I walked into the dentist office where nearly five years ago my life took a tragic turn with one unexpected phone call. Isn’t is strange how places hold memories for us? I saw the wall that I had stared out while trying not to cry as  Joel admitted to me his clandestine addiction and illegal activity. I sat in the chairs where I had waited for the boys’ appointments to be over, while wondering if I could actually die of a broken heart. I saw the window panorama of towering city buildings that I had stared out of without processing the view. But the memories felt like a long-distance, overseas phone call; fuzzy, and disconnected.

What those memories conjure in my mind and what my life has actually been like over the past several years are vastly different images. Why? Because my fears in those initial moments of discovery had no “grace regulator” on them. And while the many exhausting, agonizing moments from that day till now have indeed been a kind of pain I cannot put into words, God’s presence and redemption have also been at work in ways I cannot describe.  Imagining one without the other leads to utter despair.

I have often quoted Job, and identified with his agony when he cried out, “What I greatly feared has overtaken me.” But I have also learned that often our “greatest fears” turn out to be entirely different from what we expected. I am so glad to be on this side of those wretched memories–five year down this path with Jesus walking every step right beside me. What I greatly feared could have overtaken me, but by His mercy, He has overtaken me instead.

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  • Praise Jesus for overtaking you!!

    1 Joy said this (February 19, 2013 at 2:48 pm) Reply

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