Our Day of Infamy

December 18, 2008–A day with agonizing memories for our family.

Nearly six months after the initial warrant and Joel’s police interview, we rushed out the door for school and were met by half a dozen black vehicles and armed federal agents. We had been assured previously by the police officer in charge of the case that this would not happen. She had told us that because of Joel’s honesty and cooperation, he would be ordered to turn himself in when the evidence proved to be enough for an arrest. So this was a real shock. Of course, six months of hearing nothing had also fueled our hopes that maybe the call would never come.
It was as if icy water followed by hot coals had been thrown in my face as I took in the scene of my husband’s arrest. I had the presence of mind to usher the boys back into the house, where I made them sit and wait in stunned silence. I then rushed back outside, begging to know the charges and where they were taking him. Joel told me where to find the lawyer’s phone number and to call him right away. After Joel was handcuffed, with tears rolling down his anguished face, they let me kiss him good-bye. It was the most agonizing moment I had ever had to face. In a surreal moment, I realized that these people standing around in my yard, treating my husband as a dangerous man, had no concept of who we really were. Thus began the most excruciating and longest day of my life to date.

December 18, 2012–God redeems even our most excruciating moments.

Our family has grown so much over the past 4 years it would be impossible to put into words everything we have learned. But the overriding truth that we tenaciously proclaim is that God redeems.  He buys us back from the tragic mess of our own sin. He buys us back from the brink of disaster. He uses the most painful consequences to build good. What Satan sought to use to destroy our family, God has instead used to expose His glory and power.

Today my book, Joy Comes in the Mourning, is officially released! It is now available at Amazon.com and other distributors nationwide. I did not get to pick my release date, but God obviously did. What better way to redeem this most painful day, but in yet another opportunity to make much of Him!  Our day of infamy has been turned to a day of delight, a day to commemorate God’s power and faithfulness.

2 Responses to "Our Day of Infamy"

  • HIS timing is perfect, isn’t it 🙂 May this memory, of your book release, take the place of the dreadful day 4 years ago. I pray that the book sales go well 🙂

    1 Terry said this (December 18, 2012 at 9:04 pm) Reply

  • tears of joy, mixed with the pain of the memories and thankfulness for His faithful, Redeeming Love! Thank you for sharing so deeply, my friend. I truly believe God will use this book widely to His great honor and glory. With much love!

    2 Joy said this (January 8, 2013 at 7:50 am) Reply

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