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As some of you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I have shared anything on here. A number of personal issues have contributed to this dearth. Primarily our move has been kicked into high gear. Also the boys started school this week at a Lutheran mission school in Milwaukee. Definitely a new adventure for our whole family. And on top of those big changes, my book’s final layout comments were due this week.  We have truly been running like mad in all directions.

The move is in full swing this week end. Most of the furniture has been relocated to our new home and some precious friends will be helping me tomorrow with moving it all to the right rooms. So this holiday week end will be spent getting settled into our new place.  Having left Florida nearly two months ago, we are certainly ready for that!

The boys are adjusting and enjoying school for the most part. It is a lot different from what they have been used to. For one thing they all have to wear uniforms. I went a little crazy earlier this week trying to find just the right color shirts, socks, pants, belts, shoes, etc. Roman looks adorable in his little khaki shorts and royal blue polo. It is hard to believe my baby is in K4.

My final layout edits for the book are turned in and shortly my book will be sent to print. It should be out this fall! I can’t wait. I will keep you posted.
Our family has felt God’s steadying hand, and amazing provision in so many ways through the roller coaster ride this summer has turned out to be. I am compelled to list just a few of the ways He’s made Himself known to us:
1. Friends and strangers with willing hands who have helped us to move

2. Renewed ties with old friends

3. A couple good friends for Jaden

4. A warm and loving church community lov

5. The surprise of meeting and getting to know new friends through the most unpredictable avenues

6. Time with Joel (for me at least) and getting to go out on dates

7. A positive Christian environment for the boys at school

8. Financial provision for the myriad of needs that come with moving

9. The love and support of family both near and far

Life is tough. Pain is real. Sometimes the “innocent” suffer. But God is good. His Love is real. And He made the only true “Innocent” suffer on our behalf, so we would have something to look forward to that is far beyond this life.

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  • So glad that things are beginning to fall into place. Its so much like a puzzle, trying to make all the pieces fit. Sounds like it’s coming along. I miss you my friend and I find encouragement in your strength. I read and reread your posts daily. We both have a long road ahead of us and i have been so blessed to have you and your family on this journey with us. Thank you for blessing us and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Give Joel and the boys our love. Scott misses him! we will continue to pray that God opens up many doors for you all. I love you dear friend’

    1 becha said this (September 1, 2012 at 1:12 am) Reply

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