I was listening to a message today on Matthew 14 and was struck again by the beauty of God’s ways among us. Jesus fed thousands of people with one boy’s sack lunch! Being a believer since childhood, holds with it the danger of losing the tingle of excitement that should accompany the amazing stories of Christ and His miraculous life. Sometimes these accounts begin to seem common place. I can almost quote them. But today, I stopped to think about that young boy who offered his lunch to Jesus. I imagined what he must have felt like. Was he eager to help, full of hope, and excitement, ready to be a part of something big? Or was he timid, holding back, second guessing? Perhaps he was a little hesitant; after all those fish and loaves belonged to him. He had been the one with enough foresight to pack a lunch. Why should others’ lack of planning fall on him to resolve?

I can see myself in all three of those responses. Sometimes, no matter what paltry gift I have to give, I go eagerly to Christ and offer it with childlike enthusiasm, confident that God will, in His power, do something great! Sometimes I am timid, holding back because what I have to offer seems so insignificant. And at other times I am a bit hesitant because of the personal cost involved.

No matter which way the young boy felt, he offered his lunch. And Christ used his generosity to create a feast for unnumbered guests. Obeying God has little to do with my feelings. When I choose to believe Him, I obey, whether I am eager and excited, timid, or even hesitant. I am compelled to believe that I can offer the most paltry gift to God and He will use it for His amazing purpose. After all what I offer Him, came from Him in the first place.

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