Not Forgotten

As Joel and I were discussing the difficult era we are in now, we experienced again the helplessness that goes along with this situation. Joel has been in contact with our lawyer, who said he would do what he could to get clarification or an amendment to the judgement that would allow Joel contact with the children. But the lawyer, though well-meaning, is highly sought after and very busy. After talking to him two weeks ago, Joel hasn’t heard from him again. And I begin to feel disheartened. Has he forgotten us? He’s not living with the day-to-day pressure we feel. He doesn’t even know our family personally, and although he has always been kind and sympathetic, he is not personally invested in us as individuals.  And let’s face it, from a business perspective, he already has our money. He doesn’t really have to do anything else. So I have begun praying that God would keep us present in the lawyer’s mind. That he wouldn’t forget us. That we wouldn’t be pushed aside, by more pressing issues.

Last night  I was asking God again, “How long, O, Lord? Is there any respite to be found?” His reply was both precious and convicting. “I have not forgotten Tabitha. I am the God who sits in sack cloth and ashes with you. I am the one who stores your tears in a bottle. I am the One who loves your children more than you do. Others may not understand the pain you’re going through. Others may forget, because they aren’t living it day after day. I DO NOT forget. I will not forget. And yes, I will bring respite. Hold on to me, and know that I am holding on to you.”
This morning in my quiet time, I began looking through Scripture for verses that say God doesn’t forget us in our sorrows. Isaiah 44 jumped out at me. God was speaking through Isaiah to the people of Israel. They had suffered excruciating loss at the hands of the Assyrians, because of their willful disobedience to God, because of their refusal to repent. But God said to them, “I the Lord made you and I will not forget you….Oh return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.”  God’s loving faithfulness is so powerfully demonstrated through Israel’s history.

His character in dealing with his people gives me fresh hope. He is our creator. And He does not forgot. Others may….But God will not.  Not only that. He has paid the price, the ultimate price for our freedom, and no matter what restrictions we live with every day on this earth, we can walk in freedom, because He has paid the price for our eternal freedom!

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  • Hi Tabitha – this is Tibby. Just wanted to thank you for the July 31st post. I know what you are experiencing although in a different set of circmustances. We’re still waiting after ten years for a settlement to our son’s lawsuit from the accident in Papua New Guinea in 2002. The waiting just gets to you – sometimes it’s okay, usually when our eyes are firmly fixed on Him. Sometimes it’s not okay and all those same thoughts you shared come rushing in! “Has God forgotten us?” “Why isn’t the lawyer moving this ahead more quickly?” And on it goes… Anyway, thanks for sharing your heart and for the encouragment you found in Him. The ONLY place to go for encouragement, right?!!!

    1 Tibby said this (July 31, 2012 at 1:24 pm) Reply

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