No Room for Weeds

I spent hours this week end in the yard working on the flower garden in the front and on the side of the house. Since the house we purchased was a foreclosure and had sat empty for a year, the gardens are in a distinct state of overgrowth. But underneath and in between the rampant growth of weeds and vines, are some beautiful flowers that with our recently warming weather have burst forth amid the chaos.  Now I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. But I love beauty and I admire the perfectly manicured flowers patches in the yards of our neighbors. So this week end, I decided to put a little effort into exposing the beauty of my own little garden.

It was no small task! Muddy fingers, cramped neck and aching back….weeds are tenacious plants! Some spring up all over the place with little root to hold them down, while others have obviously been investing in their position for a long time, with a root that advances into the soil nearly as far as the plant advances toward the sun.

Weeds are deceptive. They entangle themselves around the flowers and try to look as if they belong in the garden. They fill patches of exposed soil in a rhythmic pattern that can almost be confused as ground cover. Some even produce flowers.

But no matter what trickery they employ, weeds are destructive to the growth and beauty of the garden. They entangle and choke the life out of the flowers. Their roots run rampant under the soil only to shoot up in random places. They suck the nutrients from the earth and drain the garden of life.

The weeds, if left unchecked will eventually overrun the garden, smothering the beauty and eroding the harmony. There is no other solution. The  weeds have to go! All of them: the deceptively pretty ones, the deep rooted ones, the tiny surface growth.

So I spent my week end weeding, and in the process, pondered deep rooted lessons about the kinds of weeds that choke the Spirit life in my own soul. What kinds of weeds are robbing you of His beauty in your life?

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