No Excuses

Recently I read a very convicting reprimand regarding excuses.  I don’t usually think  of myself as a procrastinator or one who is full of excuses. Usually I find that I am pretty pro-active. But as I read, I began to see myself in some of the examples listed! Most convicting is the common Christian adage, “I’m waiting on the Lord for direction.” Now I know that often we really do have to wait on the Lord. And I know His timing is perfect…and not always in line with what we see as perfect. But I also know that as humans it is easy to carry this line of thought to the illogical conclusion that we can wait around and not really be proactive about life, as long as we’re being “sensitive to the Spirit’s leading.”

I realize I am dating myself with this quote, but I am reminded of a song from my youth by Don Francisco. The song is about using  “waiting on the Lord for direction” as an excuse to be inactive. The line that comes to mind is, “Waiting is a step itself, you’re wondering too long.”

My life is running at maximum right now, and to be honest most days are scheduled by triage–whatever cannot wait another minute will be handled today. But as I read and pondered about “no excuses” I realized that even my busy schedule has become an excuse. For triage can be subjective. Can the floors wait to be cleaned another day? By my estimation maybe not, but by someone else’s, they don’t even look bad. So when I say I’m just doing what absolutely has to be done, I am ordering those things according to my own estimation of what can and cannot wait. The conviction comes when I realize, that often I run my life by my own interpretation of triage, and in the process I neglect to prioritize what God intends for me to prioritize. My excuse, “I’m just too busy!”

I am suddenly realizing that my personal triage might actually block “sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading.”  I am painfully aware that some of the things I “let slide” are things God has called me to be faithful in. And while I’m confessing, I might as well call that what it is: SIN.

In repentance before my gracious God I hereby resolve: No more excuses. No more settling for status quo. Rather, my waiting on the Lord will be one of active expectation. And my triage, even–no especially–during this stage of life, will be determined by His standard not mine.

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