My Wait is on God

In the middle of November Joel and I discussed trying to go to Florida for Christmas, and submitted the appropriate request forms with additional information to Joel’s PO.  Traveling for Joel is a privilege and not a right. It takes specific permission, as well as paperwork, which of course means plenty of time. Furthermore it is completely up to the discretion of those in charge of Joel, whether or not to grant such a request. So we prayed. And we waited. And we prayed some more and waited some more. By December 19 we felt like we had waited as long as our worn-thin hearts could take. But still no word and no recourse! During this time of waiting I wrote this poem from my favorite Bible passage. Tonight I shared it with my family as we sat around the table in mom and dad’s  kitchen in Florida! So thankful for God’s answer. So grateful for His strength in the wait!


Habakkuk’s Prayer (from Habakkuk 3:17-19)

I will stand at my watchtower,
And wait for you to answer…
I will believe in your justice,
To root out sin’s cancer.

Yet, I beg you remember,
Your mercies of old,
Even in your wrath,
Let your love unfold.

For when the fig tree fails,
No blossoms I see,
When sorrow upon sorrow,
Bears down on me,

When the sheepfold is empty,
The grapevine bare,
Then will I rejoice,
In your infinite care.

Even then will I look,
From my watchtower post,
Upon your precious face,
Who has loved me the most.

I will rejoice in your presence,
And rest in your divine plan,
You make me dance on the heights,
Held fast by your Hand.

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