Love is Patient…and all that

In the car on the way to school each morning, the boys and I practice the verses we are memorizing from 1 Corinthians 13. This morning was no different…well maybe a little different.

First, as we were driving away I realized Jaden forgot his glasses, so I quickly turned around and rushed back to get his glasses. I had planned to leave a bit early because we’ve been cutting it close getting to school on time, and now we were running late again. I tried to contain my frustration as Marshall began to quote the verses.

Marshall:  Love is patient and kind. It is not rude..

Jaden: (Interrupting): No it is not jealous…

Marshall (exasperated): Jaden! Stop telling me! I was going to correct it!

Me (teaching cap on, not wanting to miss a moment to minister to my kids): Boys, what are we memorizing? What is love like? Patient and kind. Are either one of you being patient and kind?

Boys: Shake their heads and mumble admissions of guilt.

Me: Now let’s try to remember we are memorizing these verses for a reason. Marshall do you want to finish now?

Marshall: yea. …

(Phone ringing…interrupting Marshall again!)

Me: (impatiently) Uhhhh….Hello?

My nephew: Do you need help?

(I know he’s calling because I am not at the meeting place and I’m losing the battle against the frustration over having to go back for a pair of glasses, even though I know that isn’t the whole reason I’m running late. I’m irritated to be late when I had purposed to be early!  And now my nephew has the gall to point it out to me.)

Me (a little sharply): Help! What kind of help would I need? Why are you calling me asking if I need help?

My nephew: Well we thought you might have a dead battery or something because you’re not here, yet.

Me (downright sour tone): Well that’s the earliest you’ve ever been at the meeting place. I’ll be there in a half a minute.

(I hang up the phone.)

Me (Sweetly): OK, now where were we…Jaden do you want to quote the verses?

Jaden: Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous, boastful, proud or rude.

Ouch! What’s that vague  impression of another passage in James…about looking in a mirror and forgetting what I saw?



2 Responses to "Love is Patient…and all that"

  • Ouch indeed! And we ALL can relate! Thank you for your transparent testimony. May GOD’s Holy Spirit empower us to live out the truths of His Word. Keep memorizing. ; )

    1 Jessica said this (April 26, 2012 at 3:34 pm) Reply

  • It isn’t funny, but it is. Thank you for being so honest and so faithful. I hope you have a great birthday. Love, Mom

    2 Jana Price said this (April 26, 2012 at 4:25 pm) Reply

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