Lightly Tread

I’m reading a book by N.T. Wright called Surprised by Hope, about our eternal hope because of Christ Jesus. It has been an interesting and timely read with my grams’ home-going last week. I am both relieved and grieved, joyful and sorrowful, weeping and laughing. Grams was such a significant part of my life, that I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around a world without her in it. But even that sorrow points to my greater hope. 1 Corinthians 13 reminds me that while  everything around me is perishing, love remains. Death has been conquered by love, Christ’s love—his perfect, unbending, pursuing love.  And so, Grams’s legacy of love remains. And it works in me a legacy to be passed on to my children.

Now it may seem that death is still making winning moves. Grams is gone. And I know that my body will one day wear out and perish just as Grams’s body did. The narrow way must be trod. But we can tread it lightly because we know what lies beyond.  Death doesn’t win; instead it is swallowed up in victory. How? Not just in an eternity with a new heaven and a new earth. Not just in a new body fashioned—I hope—like my Savior’s new body after his resurrection. But also in the celebration of those who remain. We know the truth. And those of us who live on, as we say goodbye, testify to that Truth, testify to that Love, testify to that Hope!

Lightly tread the narrow way

Lightly tread the narrow way,
I’ll walk with you awhile,
And hear the crunch of fallen leaves,
It’s a quiet, simple mile.

Twilight rays light the path,
As we walk upon the trail,
Fear not the dark of night.
Or the stormy gale.

For as the shadows lengthen,
And as the stars appear,
His voice will guide you on,
Listen and you will hear.

When I can go no more,
And must let you journey on,
Fear not the unknown way,
I’ll cheer you with a song.

I’ll champion your crossing,
And wait until you’ve gone.
When once you’ve passed the shadows,
You’ll see the light of dawn.

Lightly tread the narrow way,
Don’t let me hinder you.
For in the treading is the joy,
Of all you’ve known is true.

Then one day hence, we’ll meet again,
In His realm of “ever after”,
To sing his praise for endless days,
With shouts of joy and laughter.

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