Lifted Up

A couple years ago, God inspired me with this poem during the season of Lent.  Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday, the day in which God’s good plan was carried out–His plan to crush His own Son on our behalf. The good plan that would redeem us to Himself. The good plan that would satisfy His justice, demonstrate His love, expose His sovereignty, and exalt His name among the nations. I hope this poem will be an apt reminder of His sacrifice.

Lifted Up

You were lifted up,
In pain and agony,
Hung upon the cross,
For all the world to see.

You were lifted up,
Put on grand display,
Suffering you hung,
While mockers scoffed and turned away.

You were lifted up,
Your broken body sagging low.
Cries of anguish and pain,
While they bartered for your clothes.

“Let him save himself”
The crowd laughed and jeered.
“Come down from there!”
They  cried with a mocking sneer.

“Oh, Father, forgive them!”
Was your broken cry of grace.
You stayed lifted up,
dying in their place.

The Father’s plan was thus,
You had known  from the start,
That you would be lifted up,
And die with a broken heart.

My sin demanded payment.
Your loss was for my gain.
Your blood paid the price.
My debt became your pain.

Three days in death you lay,
Waiting, silent in the grave.
Till God lifted you up!
Risen with power to save!

Your gift brings us near.
You draw all men to you!
The price you paid for me,
is for all who say it’s true.

Oh, Lord be lifted up,
In my life and in my deed.
Oh, Lord be lifted up,
For all around to see.

You are lifted up,
Your glory shines on high.
You are worthy of our praise,
Our service and our lives.

One day you will return,
For all the world to see,
You will be lifted up,
This time in victory.

You will be lifted up,
Mockers will cringe and grown,
The poor will shout for joy
To see you on your throne.

You will be lifted up,
As king of all the world.
You will be lifted up,
God’s redemption plan unfurled.

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