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Last night during our Bible study time the boys and I read the story of Jesus at his transfiguration. As we talked about this very significant event during Jesus’s ministry, Jaden asked why Jesus only took Peter, James, and John with Him as witnesses. The Bible doesn’t give us a reason why only those three were invited to go with Jesus up on the mountain.  So we are left to wonder and surmise.

What is interesting to me, is that Jesus told them not to tell anyone until after His resurrection.  It seems like James, John, and Peter would have just been dying to share this episode with the other disciples and possibly as proof to the unbelieving, antagonistic pharisees. But Jesus commanded them to keep their mouths shut.

To me, this indicates that their presence on the mount of Transfiguration was primarily just for them. It was the pure and precious grace of God to give them a brief glimpse into Christ’s glory, to give them the tiniest foretaste of things to come. This experience must have been a  real landmark for them. God essentially gave them personal proof that Jesus is the Messiah, and that He had come from God.

Have you ever had a very inspiring moment with God, and felt like, I can’t wait to tell someone about this! This is amazing! Sometimes it is our joy to share the joys of knowing God with others. And this is biblical. But sometimes an encounter with God is a personal step on the journey to knowing Him and loving Him more. Sometimes, God says, “This is just for you. It is not meant to be shared with others.” At these times I am reminded that God is not drawing near to me, solely so that I can tell others what He is like. It goes much deeper than that. God draws near because He loves me and longs to reveal Himself to me, because He desires a personal, dynamic relationship with me. Encounters with God are not always meant to be shared, because each one is unique and uniquely designed by a personal God.



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